Perti Tech


Ingredients Shrimp Ketchup tomatoes Lemon juice  Orange juice Chili  Parsley Paitena onion Pepper Salt

Tamal de cazuela

Ingredients Chicken Concentrated chicken broth Chopped lettuce Sliced radishes chopped onion Headless cacahuazintle Corn  Lemon Oregano Sauce  Salt

Little Mazorra

Ingredients Murillo meat Chopped whole small creole potatoes Turnips Carrots Chopped Swiss chard  Porva corn  Menudo (booklet, cuago, belly, etc.)  Green peas Broad beans Long onion Cloves Cumin  Pepper Salt

Azteca Cake

Ingredients Turkey breast Tortillas Cheese Sliced ​​mushrooms ground Chili powder crushed tomato Chopped cilantro  Chopped onion Cumin Minced garlic Vegetable oil Chopped green pepper Salt

Green Chilaquiles

Ingredients Shredded oaxaca cheese Natural yogurt skim or cream Triangle tortillas Peeled and washed green tomatoes Medium onion Chilis Vegetable oil  Salt


Ingredients Cotija cheese Chopped walnut raisins Orange peel Piloncillo in pieces Sliced ​​white or bolillo bread Vegetable oil


Carbonada is a classic dish found in Chile. It’s pure comfort in the form of beef, corn, potatoes, pumpkin and carrots…