Perti Tech

Chicken Pozole

Ingredients Chicken Concentrated chicken broth Chopped lettuce Sliced radishes chopped onion Headless cacahuazintle Corn  Lemon Oregano Sauce  Salt


Charquicán is a beef stew that is slow-cooked with squash and potatoes. It was traditionally prepared with dried beef (charqui)…

Bori Bori

Ingredients Homemade cheese Thick broth (to moisten) Carrot  Tomato  Cornmeal fresh   Locote  Medium onion Oil Salt

Rice with duck

Ingredients Duck  Rice Split peas  Margarine Coriander Cumin Cloves  Achiote to taste  Onions  Garlic Pepper  Salt to taste


Ingredients Pork fat Eggs  Cheesemilk Homemade  Anise Starch (cassava flour) corn flour Fine salt

Chicken Ceviche

Ingredients Whole chicken without giblets Lemon juice Large onion Minced garlic Spicy yellow pepper  Oil  Pepper  Salt

Chicken Aguadito

Ingredients Large oil chicken prey  Yellow potatoes Rice Coriander head onion Garlic cloves bell Fresh yellow peppers  Pepper Salt to taste

Cau Cau

Ingredients Diced tripe  Potato Lemon mint  Juice Head onion  Ground garlic  Ground cumin  Oil Pepper white Ground pepper  Salt